The Dark Side of Life Success

How to Achieve Results and Preserve Mental Health

  • Iryna Borovynska
Keywords: life success, structure of life success, health, mental health, mental disorders


Current life requires us to be productive, effective and to create a picture of well-being for our environment. Mass media is full of pictures of wealth, success, expensive goods and other attributes of an iconic lifestyle. Modern people are trying to apply those beautiful illustrations to everyday life and to achieve life success in the form created by somebody else. Unfortunately, most of them are not able to reach the desired heights. As a result, person feces with disappointment, a decrease of self-esteem, frustration et cetera. Outcomes mentioned above are only the top of the iceberg. The worst in all this situation is that life success pursuit can lead to the mental health problems.  

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Borovynska, I. (2019). The Dark Side of Life Success: How to Achieve Results and Preserve Mental Health. Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal, 1(1), 15.