Are extrovert people more satisfied with life? Case study


  • Elena Ramona Richițeanu-Năstase
  • Camelia Stăiculescu



extraversion, satisfaction with life, personal development, wellbeing, mental health


Psychological and psycho-social research have studied the strong dependence between subjective wellbeing and personality. Research findings have shown that an optimistic, extrovert person has a higher level of life satisfaction. In this paper, we shall try to present the research results of a study made on 150 students enrolled at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. We have studied if this correlation between extraversion and the level of life satisfaction applies to our sample. We have used two well established and known instruments: Life Satisfaction Inventory (Diener, 2006) and the E-Scale of EPQ (Eysenck Personality Questionnaire). Results show that the correlation is maintained, a more extravert person has a higher level of satisfaction with life. Our research also opens some questions regarding the possibility of training this personality trait and proposes a personal development and coaching program


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Richițeanu-Năstase, E. R., & Stăiculescu, C. (2019). Are extrovert people more satisfied with life? Case study. Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal, 1(1), 68–70.




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