Interdisciplinary Technologies in Socio-Political Rehabilitation

  • Oleksandr Malkhazov
  • Sergiy Osypenko
Keywords: interdisciplinarity, emotional resiliience, rehabilitation, psychodiagnostic device system, mental disorders


The purpose of the research is to develop a technology of socio-political rehabilitation of the individuals who experienced a traumatic event or suffer from PTSP. The technology is supposed to use a modern diagnostic device system to measure psychological and psychophysiological characteristics of an individual.
The research allowed verification of the assumption that control of the dynamics of the changes occurring in the state of the patient under the influence of the rehabilitation measures increases effectiveness of the psychological support.
The control is mainly performed immediately after the completion of the whole set of rehabilitation measures and/or in a certain period after their completion (in order to determine the action after effect).
To develop the ability to regulate emotional states of the individuals who experienced a posttraumatic event it is suggested to apply the technology of socio-psychological rehabilitation, which can be implemented with the help of special equipment. Therefore, one of the tasks of the study was to develop a diagnostic system to perform step-by-step control of effectiveness of the rehabilitation procedures.


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