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Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, with the primary aim of promoting thought, dialogue, and debate on topics related to mental health. Mental health is an issue and a reality of major global concern, though it is often left to the margins as a topic of conversation. With one of the major aims to challenge and break the stigma of mental health, whilst promoting better health and health care, this journal has a general focus on mental health, mental health care systems, approaches to better mental health, mental health challenges for individuals, families, and groups in different cultures and contexts, mental health and trauma, and mental health and conflict, amongst other related aspects.
More specifically, Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal is a journal dedicated to studies of international interest related to mental health and mental health care systems in the global context of social challenges. Therefore, we encourage papers which focus on a variety of topics related to this complex issue. Some examples are as follows: the impact of stigma on mental health and mental health care, mental health and migration, mental health in the time of military conflicts, mental health post conflict, mental health in the workplace, mental health and gender, societal attitudes and approaches to mental health, higher education and mental health care, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to mental health, cultural and cross-cultural challenges related to mental health and related topics. The journal especially encourages manuscripts which may be of interest to policy makers and/or practitioners.
The journal accepts high quality English language manuscripts in the form of empirical research studies, case studies, theoretical articles, reviews, and some extended abstracts


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Vol. 7 No. 1 (2024): MHGCJ 2024
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Published: 2024-01-06
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