The Thin Web Line. New technologies and promotion of unhealthy behaviors

Eating disorders and Pro-Ana(pro-anorexia) subculture. How to fight against them

  • José Luis Triviño
  • María Ángeles Ortega
Keywords: Pro-ana; Pro-mia; Thinspiration; Thin; Thinspo; Anaymia; Collarbones; Blackthinspo; Binging; Thinthighs; Bikinibridges


On the one hand, this research tries to show the proliferation and promotion of content that encourages eating-risk behaviors in adolescents and the growth of a social current and subculture that supports and promotes these contents on the other hand, it proposes initiatives that may help to better understand this phenomenon and what to do


Pro-Anorexia Websites: Content, Impact, and Explanations of Popularity, Grace Overbeke (Wesleyan University) January 2008

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