Multidisciplinary approach to research of the adherence to treatment phenomenon in patients with Diabetes Mellitus

  • Anna Kogut
  • M. Bobryk
  • O. Potapov
  • I. Frankova
  • J. Komisarenko
  • O. Khaustova
  • O. Chaban
Keywords: diabetes; health; health care; medical; medical research; medical science; medicine; mental health; mental illness; mental stress; psychology; quality of life; research; scientific research; social well-being


Improving the effectiveness of DM patients therapy and demonstrating the consequence of psychosocial factors on their adherence to treatment.


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Kogut, A., Bobryk, M., Potapov, O., Frankova, I., Komisarenko, J., Khaustova, O., & Chaban, O. (2019). Multidisciplinary approach to research of the adherence to treatment phenomenon in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal, 1(1), 40-41.