Viktor Vus, Editor-in Chief,

Associate Professor, PhD in Psychology, PgPS in Management, Editor-in-chief of the journal “Mental Health: global challenges” (Italy), Coordinator of the International Platform on Mental Health; Coordinator of the annual International Conference “Mental Health: global challenges of XXI century” ( ), R&D Laboratory for Community Health (LPNU, Ukraine), NDSAN Network (sector of partnership building) (Italy).

Viktor Vus organizes International Events & Activities on Mental Health Care; helps develop, guides, evaluates & teach mental health practices; works with governmental agencies, NGOs & educational institutions; implements mental health and psychosocial support activities within the triangle of Government, Business, Civil sector; researches in the field of Mental Health Care Systems developing. The author of educational course “The organization of Mental Health Care in transitional countries”. 

18+ years’ experience of conducting psychological trainings (in the area of psychosomatic, mental health); rehabilitation programs; psychological rehabilitation and support of combatants and ex-combatants

Contact information:


 cell: +38067 74 084 29



Researcher ID: D-8487-2018 





Maureen P. Flaherty - Vice Editor, 

PhD, Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

Areas of specialization/interest:

Gender and peacebuilding, interpersonal violence, intimate partner abuse, participatory research as empowerment, feminist methodologies, indigenous methodologies, narrative, visioning, community mental health, community development, youth and democracy 


Ioanna V. Papathanasiou - Editorial Board, 

PhD, Associate Professor of Nursing - Community Psychiatry University of Thessaly

Adjunct Academic Staff of the Hellenic Open University

Speciality: Nursing; Mental Health Nursing; Community Nursing; Nursing Education; Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice


Evangelos C. Fradelos - Editorial Board, 

PhD, Adjunct Professor, Nursing Department of the University of Thessaly, Larissa, Greece.

Clinical teacher in mental health and psychiatric nursing (Mental health nursing, Community nursing, Nursing for elderly people and for people with chronic diseases).  Special interest: development of critical thinking in clinical nursing, mental health in various populations and also spirituality and religiosity and its relation to health parameters

Scientific societies: The American Association for Science and Technology; Hellenic Nurses Association


Elena V. Syurina - Editorial Board, 

PhD,  Assistant Professor Global Mental Health, Athena Institute, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Dr Elena Syurina is an Assistant Professor in the fields of Transdisciplinary Mental Health and Global Mental health, with specialisations in prevention and (develop)mental disorders. She has a multidisciplinary background, with degrees in neuropsychology and policy analysis. Prior to her current post, she has been worked as children’s psychologist.

After completing her PhD in Child & Youth Healthcare at Maastricht University, Dr. Syurina was awarded a visiting researcher grant for the University of Oxford, where she researched the available biological measurements to identify stress levels in children in primary care. Projects she has contributed to include: UWV-commissioned research to investigate prospective innovations that can help people with mild intellectual disability to find and retain employment, a review of current practices supporting people with mental health disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa, investigation of cross-sectional stigma and positive deviance in Indonesia, and research into practices that contribute to the empowerment of mothers of autistic children in India.

Dr Syurina’s expertise lies in the fields of transdisciplinary approaches to health-related decision making and participatory research methods. She has wide experience of sociological field research and ethnographic data collection, and is experienced in managerial and analytical tasks, as well as events organisation and market analysis. She has been co-manager of several large projects, including EU projects.


Valentina Vitale - Editorial Board, 

PhD, N-DSA-Network (Italy)

Valentina Vitale holds a PHD in Cultural and Social Anthropology from Roma Tre University. After having defended a thesis in 2014 on transnational female migration from East Europe to Italy, in 2015 she attended a Master Executive in Eu Project Management at La Sapienza University. Member of “Osservatorio sul Razzismo e le Diversità M. G. Favara” and expert on the subject (M-DEA/01) in Roma Tre University, she has been post-doc researcher at the Department of Political Sciences (Roma Tre), managing European projects focused on anthropological fields (gender violence, disabilities, mental health, migration, childhood). To date, she works as researchers and as project designer/manager especially in no-profit sector.
Since 2017, she is the Chief Operative Officer at SMe System Srl and she is the International Coordinator of N-DSA-N network for Ukraine and East Europe


Daniela Elena Dumitru - Editorial Board, 

PhD in Educational Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Teacher Training Department at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania)
Dr. Daniela Dumitru has also a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Psychology. Dr. Dumitru’s research interests are concentrating on critical thinking, communities of inquiry / practice, mental health in education process, education for sustainable development, educational psychology, and cognitive psychology


Galina Itskovich - Editorial Board, 

Masters' in Social Work, LCSW-R, DIR-expert, The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning, New York, USA

Galina Itskovich, LCSW-R, has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of mental health and developmental disorders (Early Intervention included). Ms. Itskovich received her Master’s from the Hunter College School of Social Work in 1998. Her postgraduate training includes Family Therapy and DIRFloortime certificate programs. In the past, she worked as a clinician and, later, as a clinical supervisor at the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. She founded the Early Intervention agency G&Y KidsPower and ran it as a program director for 11 years. In 2012, Ms. Itskovich joined The Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL) in the capacity of a training leader. Since then, she has taught in the DIRFloortime (Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship based approach) training program and in 2014 also became a clinical consultant to the program.

Ms. Itskovich pioneered the DIRFloortime training in Russian speaking countries and, in the past six years, has trained more than 100 clinicians. She speaks nationally (Atlantic City, 2015; Orlando, 2016, Washington DC, 2018) and internationally (applications of the DIRFloortime model at the conferences in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, 2013 to 2019); the heroic journey narrative (the ICDL annual conference,). A psychotherapist in private practice, Ms. Itskovich provides individual, couples and family psychotherapy for adults and children; she continues to consult in the field of infant mental health.  She is also a regular contributor to several magazines writing on the subject of child rearing and therapy, and appeared on radio and TV programs. Other interests include creative writing and literary translation.